Reading List

If you’re serious about making self-awareness, personal improvement, and leadership development principles a part of your daily life like I am, this is the perfect Reading List for you!  There are some amazing authors who have done years of research and have made awareness of the subjects accessible to a worldwide audience, connecting puzzle pieces in people’s lives, and making connections with their deep insights.

Some of the authors on my list focus on Life Coaching topics…like Brené Brown, Eckhart Tolle, and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Some of the authors focus on Agile Coaching topics…like Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden, Jurgen Appelo, Harrison Owen and Jay Webb.

And some of the topics could apply to BOTH Life Coaching and Agile Coaching, written by authors like Jamie Smart, Michelle Holliday, Dan Pink, and Daniel Goleman.

Enjoy the magic of getting lost in a book…


Life Coaching authors l have read either at home or in a book club:


Authors I have read through professional development or leadership classes at work or on my own:


And several authors I have on my list of books to read, including some Agile Coaching authors:



Author: Nicole Coyle

I am a Sr. Agile Coach and Change Agent. I've been Agile ever since 1997 when I was a Programmer on an XP (Extreme Programming) team doing pair programming, test-driven development, etc. I am very passionate about Agile and coaching. I even have a Kanban board at home for my kids and their chores as well as the Agile Kids Manifesto posted! They just think I'm crazy, but hey, it works!!

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