A little about me…

As I already mentioned, I am the mother of three. I am a single mom, separated since 2006, divorced since 2007. I am amazed, so blessed, and so lucky how incredibly well-adjusted and what wonderful people each one of my children has grown up to be. And they are each so unique, so independent, so special in their own way…with their own personalty, their own character, their own spunk.

20160327_113717.jpgAustin is the oldest, a senior this year, the entrepreneur-to-be, the negotiator. Ever since he was little, he could negotiate his way out of a punishment, or figure out deals to make with me to get his way. Austin plays basketball and he has a girlfriend, Aivary, who plays volleyball. She is a kind, smart, beautiful girl who is so good for him. I’m glad they have each other.


Brady is a sophomore and loves soccer. Brady is just naturally good at anything he tries…downhill skiing, fishing, track, pole vaulting, snowboarding, school, being a leader, he’s good with kids, he’s respectful, gets good grades, he’s cute, funny, loving, caring…he’s got it all going for him!


Taylor is my little firecracker! She’s sweet, sassy, creative, smart, pretty, silly, caring, fun, tough, and sensitive all at the same time. She also gets good grades, she’s super bright, she loves arts & crafts, she likes to bake, she likes photography, volleyball, and softball, and she loves hanging out with her friends.

A little about me:

If I Could Choose One Superhero Power, What Would It Be? Why?
The ability to stretch my arms up to 100’ like Elastigirl in The Incredibles. I could totally multiply my multi-tasking skills!

My Favorite Hobby?
Interior design. I love shopping and collecting things from old vintage, second hand or occasional sales, and decorating rooms around those items.

My Favorite Social Activity?
Karaoke. LOVE to sing! Some of my favorite artists are Norah Jones, Adele, Miranda Lambert, and Sheryl Crow.

My Favorite Game?
Euchre. An old college (UW – Madison) favorite. And Sheepshead. Pretty hard to find people around here familiar with that one. 😉

What Would I Do For A Job If I Didn’t Do What I Did Now?
I would be a Life Coach, or a Personal Development Coach. I would want to help people improve their lives.