Practice What You Preach

As Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Agile Leaders…we need to MODEL Agile behaviors…


  • Make decisions behind each other’s backs.
  • Tell team members what to do, remember we’re all adults and we are self-managing, we don’t need to tell each other whether or not we’re allowed to check our email, etc.
  • Raise impediments to the group. If you have an issue, RAISE it. Don’t let it fester or go running off talking about it to someone else.
  • Go back on our word, promises, or commitments made.

These kinds of things ruin trust that has been established. Please treat each other as adults, with respect, and as we teach our teams we’re supposed to treat each other. Modeling, and actually “being”, is the best form of teaching. Being the opposite of what you’re teaching is the best form of being a fraud.

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