Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is considering the organization holistically. All the moving parts. All the interactions. All the systems, all the people, all the internal and external points of interaction that occur within all the systems and sub-systems of the entire process and all the areas of synthesis (the combination of ideas, intellect and emotion to form a theory) to form the entire system.

The journey…

Organizational Performance
Organizational Learning
Change Management
Systems Thinking


Author: Nicole Coyle

I am a Sr. Agile Coach and Change Agent. I've been Agile ever since 1997 when I was a Programmer on an XP (Extreme Programming) team doing pair programming, test-driven development, etc. I am very passionate about Agile and coaching. I even have a Kanban board at home for my kids and their chores as well as the Agile Kids Manifesto posted! They just think I'm crazy, but hey, it works!!

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